Token ~ Jeton: US Holland America Casino
Token ~ Jeton: US Holland America Casino

Holland America Line is a British American owned cruise line based in Seattle. It has been owned by Carnival Corporation since 1989. From 1873 to 1989, it was a Dutch shipping line, a passenger line, a cargo line and a cruise line operating primarily between the Netherlands and North America. As part of this rich legacy, it was instrumental in the transport of many hundreds of thousands of immigrants from the Netherlands to North America.

This is a casino gaming token from the Holland America line. The ovalled ships are actually Holland America's logo.

These are modern tokens worth a few US cents to a few US dollars to collectors of such material.

Coin: 19643 , Genre: Tokens
Requested by: whiteirishtiger, Sat, 25-Jul-2015 07:05:59 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sun, 26-Jul-2015 12:43:06 GMT
Requester description: 2 mast ship (side view facing East) inside a modern cruise ship (sailing towards your right shoulder when held) and all contained within a double oval. there is something to the right lower but can't make it out with glasses + mag/glass.

this is either a coin or a token? I found it at work (many many strange and/or old things come though that we've never seen before)
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