Medal: Germany (Prussia) 'Hero Emperor' Heldenkaiser Wilhelm I  1887
Medal: Germany (Prussia) 'Hero Emperor' Heldenkaiser Wilhelm I 1887

When Wilhelm I was only a boy, he was appointed as an officer in the Prussian army. That was 1807. Eighty years later (80-jahriges), in 1887, he is honored in this medal as a 'hero emperor' (heldenkaiser). The formal reign of Wilhelm I started in 1871 and lasted until his death in 1888. Wilhelm's leadership, with his Minister President Otto von Bismarck, achieved the unification of Germany and the establishment of the German Empire.

This diamond-shaped bronze medallion, often called a clip (klippe) shape, has a hole at the top for carrying and display.

The medal in our picture comes from Dr. Claus Hild in Bocholt, Germany, where it is on sale for 45 euros (about $50 US dollars), a good price for this nice-looking piece. If you have one for sale, figure a reputable dealer like Dr. Hild would offer about one-half that amount to buy it from you. The 100 percent margin is typical for coin dealers. They use the margin to keep their dealerships solvent.

As always, coin values depend on condition. A damaged medal would be worth about zero, while one in pristine condition would be worth about twice Dr. Hild's.

CoinQuest thanks Dr. Hild for use of his photo. It is a nice one!

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Requested by: Daddioholmes, Tue, 28-Jul-2015 04:19:45 GMT
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Requester description: 1887 Side one with the bust. - There is some type of ivy or holly as it appears there are berries at varios locations on the vine that is bowed together at the 6'o'clock position and encircles the bust. There are like flowerettes (such a word?) at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions and between the wording that i used an asterick shown on the wording part above. Four leaves around an round center.

Side two - A wreath encircles the numbers and there are what appear to be crowns at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock between the wording and the wreath. There is a circle of dots that surround the dates and the wreath completely encircling it.
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