Token: US American Cowboy and Sitting Bull  1879
Token: US American Cowboy and Sitting Bull 1879

Well, Kimberly, you have created a little stir. Your token is found at a few places around the Internet, but none of these places have any significant information about it. Even the mighty Token Catalog, with over 420,000 individual listings, does not record this piece. So far, your item is a mystery. Here is more info:

1. From the lettering on the token, it probably does not date all the way back to 1879. Such lettering was used on tokens in the early half of the 1900s, so a more reasonable date would be from that time.

2. There appears to be tokens with and without eyelets for hanging them on strings. This, coupled with the crude appearance of the pattern, indicates that the token is probably a novelty item, sold in gift shops and at souvenir counters, rather than an expensive collectible.

3. Primary Internet pictures are of one particular specimen where the horse and rider on the cowboy side has been mutilated. Only a few (very fuzzy) pictures show the horse and rider intact.

4. A well-known and highly regarded numismatist, Oded Paz, has a picture of this piece on his Flickr page. It caught his attention as an unusual item.

With this amount of flimsy information, all CoinQuest can do is guess at value. Our guess is $10 to $20 US dollars as a retail price. We are in the process of contacting Oded Paz to see if his expertise can shed more light on the subject. Please check back to this page.

By the way, Kimberly, if you can supply pictures of your token, we can replace our current images with yours. A good-looking cowboy side would increase the value of your token and the value of this page to other interested parties. To send pics, please start an e-mail exchange by pressing the Contact button at the top of the home page.

Coin: 19667 , Genre: Tokens
Requested by: Kimberly sumter, Wed, 29-Jul-2015 22:51:57 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Thu, 30-Jul-2015 13:00:16 GMT
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