Medal: Germany Saint Corbinian of Freising
Medal: Germany Saint Corbinian of Freising

Corbinian was a French bishop who, in 730AD, ended up in Bavaria, Germany in the town of Freising. A famous story has him taming a bear, and this medal shows the bear, the saint himself, and the town.

It is usually fairly easy to find values for pieces like this. Looking at its picture, the piece is obviously modern, made, perhaps, during the late 1900s. Auction results for modern medals are common on eBay and similar auction sites but, for this medal, there are virtually no auction results available. Without auction results it is difficult to ascertain value.

If the medal were marked 'pure silver' or 'sterling' the value would be obvious: it would be worth its weight in silver. Without such markings we must assume it is made of non-precious metal, and CoinQuest's value estimates are:

circulated: $3 US dollars approximate catalog value
fully uncirculated: $10

Coin: 19771 , Genre: Medals
Requested by: Sal, Fri, 14-Aug-2015 06:28:31 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sat, 15-Aug-2015 02:43:32 GMT
Requester description: 730AD It is a uniformly gray coin (possibly silver) on both sides.

On the side that says 'FREISING A.D. JSAR', there is a drawing of the city of Freising underneath these letters. This includes a bridge over the Isar river in the foreground, some buildings in the middle-ground, and three pointy towers in the background.

On the other side of the coin, the text 'SCT. CORBINIAN' appears on the left middle-ground while 'BISCHOF VON FREISING +730' appears on the right middle-ground. In between those two phrases, there is a drawing of the a bishop with his right arm raised. He's sitting on top of a bear, which is sitting on top of a coat of arms.

I can send you a picture if you prefer it.
Thank you so much!
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