Token: China Old Coins on Card (Counterfeit)
Token: China Old Coins on Card (Counterfeit)

These are replicas on old Chinese cash coins. Each coin has four Chinese logograms on the front. Genuine coins often have additional characters on the back, usually including a mint mark. The study of these coins is quite fascinating, however the marked presence of fakes, replicas, and counterfeits makes collecting them problematic. Values of genuine cash coins can start at a few US dollars and climb into the 1000 range for certain specimens in excellent condition.

The subject coins, however, are fakes produced for tourists and glued to a card. As far as I know, the backs of these fakes are flat as a pancake, with no inscriptions whatsoever.

A card like the one shown at the upper left sells for one or two US dollars on eBay. A few other packaging options are shown in the second picture (to the right). Check to see if the coins look genuine before buying. Do not buy sets that have the coins glued to the card.

Coin: 19933 , Genre: Tokens
Requested by: Brittany, Sun, 13-Sep-2015 14:39:37 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sun, 13-Sep-2015 21:06:18 GMT
Requester description: Chinese Old Coins (Similar to China Qing Dynasty Qian Long Tong Bao 1736 to 1795 in your database)

Set includes:

1662-1722 (Kang-hsi)
1723-1725 (Yung-Cheng)
1736 -1796 (Chien-lung)

And others.
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