Ancient Greece (Bactrian Empire) Eucratides Tetradrachm (Fakes are possible)  171BC to 135BC
Ancient Greece (Bactrian Empire) Eucratides Tetradrachm (Fakes are possible) 171BC to 135BC

Eucratides I, sometimes called Eucratides the Great, was one of the most important kings of the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom, which was centered around the northern part of present-day Afghanistan. Eucratides has prestigious coinage, suggesting a rule of considerable importance. This page covers silver tetradrachms that look like our pictures. Weigh is about 16 grams, plus or minus 1 gram.

The coin in our main picture comes from Baldwin's in London where is sold for $1200 USD during a 2006 auction. It would probably sell for more today.

worn: $300 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $1000
well preserved: $3500

As always, coins like this stand on their own merits and catalog values are very rough (almost meaningless) guides. To give a better idea of value, consider the images to the right, labeled (A) through (D).

The (A) coin is a superb specimen, sold by Roma Numismatics for $2500

The (B) coin appears more rough and worn. It is an $800 coin, or so.

Coin (C) displays porous, marred surfaces and hardly any detail. It would probably sell for $250 to a collector of ancient coins.

(D) is an obvious fake, worth zero.

Coin: 19948 , Genre: Ancient
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Requester description: Bust of Eucratides I with a helmet and in uniform on the front
Two men battling on horseback on the back
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