Brazil 1, 20, and 300 Cruzeiros  1972
Brazil 1, 20, and 300 Cruzeiros 1972

1972 marked the 150th anniversary of Brazil's independence. To celebrate, the Central Bank issued special coins:

300 cruzeiros: 0.4925 troy ounces gold
20 cruzeiros: 0.522 troy ounces silver
1 cruzeiro: 10 grams of nickel

These coins are worth their weight in precious metal. The 1 cruzeiro catalogs at $1 US dollar when in fully uncirculated condition.

Fancy packaging (shown in our picture), or lack of fancy packaging does not affect value.

To find the value of the gold piece, multiply the current price of gold by 0.4925. For instance, at this writing gold is trading for $1140 US dollars per troy ounce (see The 300 cruzeiros is then worth 0.4925 x 1140 = $561 US dollars.

Coin: 19964 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 1889 2 faces on one side of all and possibly the map of Brazil on other sides.
They are in a specially made presentation case with a metal badge that says '15 de Nov De 1889, inside is satin and says 'Banco Central Do Brasil' :Sesquicentenario Da Independencia'
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