US 50 Cents (Olympic Half Dollar)  1992
US 50 Cents (Olympic Half Dollar) 1992

The US Mint certainly turns out some beautiful pieces of coin art. This half dollar celebrates the Olympics. These coins are made out of copper-nickel, so they have no silver content. Some coins, those with the 'S' mint mark, are made in proof, as shown in our picture.

Generally, the value of both proof and regular issues are low:

circulated: $3 US dollars approximate catalog value
uncirculated: $10

Although most collectors prefer these coins in their special presentation packaging, the packaging adds little to value.

Some collectors and coin dealers scour oodles of these coins and find ones that are extra nice. They then send the extra nice ones to grading services to establish numismatic grade. High grade coins can be worth more:

coins graded PR70: $45 catalog value
coins graded MS70: $60

The one in the picture to the right sold for $47 in a 2015 auction.

Coin: 19965 , Genre: United States
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