Thailand 1 Baht and 25 and 50 Satang  1957 to 1962
Thailand 1 Baht and 25 and 50 Satang 1957 to 1962

These are neat coins from Thailand made during the reign of Bhumipol Adulyadej, known as Rama IX:

25 SATANG (1/4 baht): aluminum-bronze, 19 mm diameter, 1957
50 SATANG (1/2 baht): aluminum-bronze, 22 mm diameter, 1957
1 BAHT: copper-nickel, 28 mm diameter, 1957 and 1962

These are modern coins made out of non-precious metal, so their values are low.

25 & 50 SATANG AND 1 BAHT:
worn: less than $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $1
well preserved: $2
fully uncirculated: $4

Coin: 19971 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
Requested by: Lillian, Sat, 19-Sep-2015 22:45:08 GMT
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Requester description: Front: Profile of a man with combed hair and glasses. He is facing left. Characters are on either side of him. Man is wearing a suit with medals on it. Back: A coat of arms with a lighthouse on it. On either side of the lighthouse are spires on poles which I think are being held by two little creatures that are on either side of the coat of arms.
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