Token ~ Jeton: US Daniel Carr Titanic Euro/Amero  2012
Token ~ Jeton: US Daniel Carr Titanic Euro/Amero 2012

This token was designed by Daniel Carr, who has been creating interesting and collectible tokens and medals for years. He is a well-known designer -- in fact, he came up with the designs that we see on the 2001 Rhode Island and New York quarters, as well as the very popular 1964 D Peace fantasy silver dollar.

Years ago, a proposition was made to combine the currencies of North America (Mexico, U.S., and Canada) into one unit of currency. This proposed currency unit came to be known as the 'Amero.' The Amero tokens and medals that Carr has designed are simply intended to create awareness and discussion of the proposition - they are not intended to be actual units of currency.

One of these tokens is called the 'Titanic Euro/Amero sinking hard times token.' From Carr's website (click here to see his site) we learn that 'On the 100th anniversary of the ill-fated Titanic voyage between Europe and North America, prospects for the Euro currency and the proposed North American 'Amero' currency are also sinking. The empty life-saving ring on the obverse is symbolic of broken promises. The dotted line on the reverse shows the actual course of the Titanic, plotted accurately on the orthographic map projection. The 'X' marks the spot of the iceberg collision and sinking. The pyramid is representative of an iceberg, with a few assets showing above water but massive debt hidden below.'

These were minted in brass, copper, and silver. The brass and copper versions are worth about $20 in uncirculated condition. The silver versions contain one troy ounce of silver and are worth about $50. Carr has quite a following of collectors who are willing to pay more for his intriguing designs, and this is reflected in the values.

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Coin: 19981 , Genre: Tokens
Requested by: Aster, Mon, 21-Sep-2015 22:42:10 GMT
Answered by: Todd, Tue, 22-Sep-2015 03:30:18 GMT
Requester description: Front: The Titanic sinking into the ocean, a life preserver with 'Titanic 1912' written on it, and an iceberg with the word 'DEBT' on it. Back: The Earth with 'AMERO dead on arrival' written near an X in the ocean near America. Leading to the X is a dotted line with the words 'On the ropes EURO'. The dotted line leads from Europe to the X. Below is a triangle with the word DEBT in it. Above which is the word assets.
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