Austria Salzburg 3 Kreuzer  1678 to 1685
Austria Salzburg 3 Kreuzer 1678 to 1685

The Austrian states have produced some beautiful and interesting coins over the centuries. This one comes from the Austrian state of Salzburg. It is a 3 kreuzer coin made of silver.

The obverse shows two shields of arms - one is the arms of Salzburg and the other is the Bishop's arms. The date is seen above the shields of arms while the denomination is below. Around the edge is the legend 'S : RVDBERTVS . EPS . SALISB :'

On the reverse we see an image of St. Rupert (a founder of the city of Salzburg) holding a salt-box and a crosier. The legend on this side reads ' MAX : GAND : D : G : ARCHIEP : SALISB :'

There are variations in size and weight of this coin and in general it is about 20mm in diameter and approximately one and a half grams in weight. These are not exact specifications. Here are the approximate catalog values for this coin (all dates):

Worn: $5 (U.S. dollars)
Average circulated: $25
Well preserved: $50
Fully uncirculated: $100

Please keep in mind that these are catalog prices, which can be higher than actual buy and sell values. For more information on catalog values check out our Important Terminology page.

Coin: 19984 , Genre: Central Europe North South
Requested by: Chrissa, Tue, 22-Sep-2015 05:31:21 GMT
Answered by: Todd, Wed, 23-Sep-2015 02:26:11 GMT
Requester description: 1681 The obverse side has a circle under the legend. There is a bishop in the middle of the circle with his head protruding the circle and his hat is reaching the top. There is an orb around his head. He is holding a long shephard's hook in his left hand and what looks like light bulb in his right hand. His head and the shephards' hook are seperating the legend. On the reverse side there is a circle underneath the legend. Within the circle at the top is the year '1681'. Underneath are two shields and/or coats of arms. Within are different shapes and one 'lion' on his hind legs. Underneath is the numeral '3' in a circle. 3 The obverse legend reads, 'S:RVDBERTVS-EPS-SALISB:'. The reverse legend reads, '*MAX:GAND:D:G:ARCHIEP:SALISB: Directly under the end of the legend 'B:' and the beginning legend '*M' is the date '1681'. At the bottom of the legend over the ':AR' but read top side top is the numeral '3'.
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I really do thank you!!! Not just for identifying this coin, but for the many that I have inquired about even before I had any coin terminology at all and you still came through. I have two others, but other people need help also. The man I bought this coin from is rather old and doesn't always get the name right. He said Salzburg, but I couldn't find it in the book. It is uncirculated. It is really clear and clean. Snowy white almost. Anyway...Thank you so much!! Chris - Chris
Glad we could help Chris! It's a really cool coin, and it's great to hear you have one in excellent condition. - CoinQuest (Todd)




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