Great Britain Crown (Crowned Bust) (Fakes are possible)  1847
Great Britain Crown (Crowned Bust) (Fakes are possible) 1847

This is one of the most beautiful coins ever minted. The crowned bust of young Victoria is unique to this coin. Values are high. The gothic script is difficult to read. It says: TUEATUR UNITA DEUS ANNO DOM MDCCCXLVII.

The example in our main picture (upper left with pleasing blue toning) is a spectacular example. It comes from Ira and Larry Goldberg where it sold for an amazing $16000 US dollars. Most coins never reach such a price, but the catalogs report hefty values:

worn: $1000
average circulated: $1200
well preserved: $2500
fully uncirculated: $4000

Lawrence Chard, world-renowned numismatist from the UK [press here], is careful to point out that counterfeits exist. Requester Kathy says she has a gold coin. It is probably a gold-plated fake. Be careful with expensive coins. Never buy them from someone you do not trust implicitly. A genuine coin weighs 28.28 grams.

The side-by-side comparison shows that the fake is a good one. The arrow points to a slight difference.

CoinQuest thanks the Goldbergs and Chard for use of their coin photos.

Coin: 20021 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: Young Victoria with crown. Gold coin. Cross on back of coin
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