Token: US Altered States of America Statehood Parody Quarter  1999 to Date
Token: US Altered States of America Statehood Parody Quarter 1999 to Date

Daniel Carr is an exceptionally talented contemporary artist who produces all sorts of neat collectible coins, tokens, and medals. Taking a lead from the US Mint's Statehood Quarter Dollar program, Daniel created (and is creating) parodies of the official quarters, but with generally cynical themes and a sunglassed dude replacing George Washington.

These pieces are available in copper-nickel and yellow brass metals. They are, of course, not legal tender and are meant solely as collectible items.

You can see the collection at the Carr web sites [HERE] and [HERE].

As to value, these items sell initially around $20 to $25 US dollars each. When someone buys them from the Carr mint web site and then re-sells them to collectors on auction sites such as eBay, a secondary market is born. The secondary market reflects the true value of these pieces. However, the secondary market has not yet developed for the Carr statehood quarters. There are very few auction results available.

At this point all CoinQuest can do is guess at secondary market value. Our guess is:

circulated: $5 US dollars approximate catalog value
fully uncirculated: $12

In other words, we believe the secondary market for these collectibles will be less than the primary ($20 to $25) market. This is unusual for Daniel Carr products, where the secondary market often exceeds the primary market. The rationale for our guess above is primarily based on three things:

  1. Non-precious metal. These are not made of silver or gold.
  2. Cynical themes. Most of Carr's stuff uses patriotic themes. The cynicism may backfire.
  3. Other parodies. Non-Carr tries at this, often with lewd themes, sell for $3 or $4 on the secondary market.
Come back in a year and see if we are right. By that time, the secondary market should be fully developed. Once it develops, certain years of these quarters may be much more valuable than other years, because some designs may be more popular than others.

Coin: 20085 , Genre: Tokens
Requested by: Teddy, Wed, 07-Oct-2015 22:58:53 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Thu, 08-Oct-2015 23:54:32 GMT
Requester description: Front: Man with sunglasses. Strange symbol. Back: A box; presumably Wyoming. Front: Altered States of America CARRter Dollar Back: Wyoming 1890 Empty Rectangle State 45 north 111 east 41 north 104 east 2007 e pluribus unum
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