Finland 10 Markkaa  1967
Finland 10 Markkaa 1967

Is this a cool coin, or what? Those are five whooper swans in flight. The coin is made of 0.687 troy ounces of silver. Other 10 markkaa coins followed this one in subsequent years, but the silver content went down substantially, disappearing completely in 1978.

To find the value of a 1967 10 markkaa, first compute the base value (BV) using the current price of silver. For instance, if silver is trading at $15 US dollars per troy ounce (look it up at, it changes every day), the BV is 0.687 x 15 = $10.30 US dollars.

The value of the coin is BV plus a premium based on condition, as follows:

worn: BV
average circulated: BV + $2 US dollars
well preserved: BV + $5
fully uncirculated: BV + $10

Coin: 20096 , Genre: Orthodox and Slavic
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Requester description: 1967 Suomi Finland 1917 1967 10Markkaa 5 birds in flight silver jubilee
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