Ancient Greece 1/4 Gold Stater (Alexander/Athena)  330BC to 320BC
Ancient Greece 1/4 Gold Stater (Alexander/Athena) 330BC to 320BC

What a gorgeous coin from Ancient Greece. The back shows a thunderbolt, bow, and club usually with the Greek ALEXA for Alexander III, the Great. The front show either the goddess Athena with pointed helmet, or Alexander himself, the former being more common. See our comparison picture below for a bust of Alexander wearing a lion headdress.

These are 1/4 gold staters, weighing approximately 2.1 grams Values vary, as always, with condition and eye appeal

worn: $800 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $1500
well preserved: $3000

The coin in our main picture (upper left) comes from SINCONA in Zurich, Switzerland where it sold for $1700 US dollars during a 2014 auction. CoinQuest thanks SINCONA for use of their coin image. What a beauty!

Consider the three images to the right. The (A) coin is in tough shape with scratches, stains, and mediocre eye appeal. The (B) coin is striking, with excellent eye appeal, little wear, and no damage. A typical retail value for (A) is $500 or so, and for (B) $2000. If (B) were better centered, it would be worth more.

Finally, the (C) coin shows Alexander instead of Athena. This specimen is a $2500 coin.

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Requester description: 336BC Alexander the great on front and bow and club on the back
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