Token: US Fake Gold (Counterfeit)
Token: US Fake Gold (Counterfeit)

Any valuable coin is subject to counterfeiting. This page concentrates on US gold coins, but any valuable coin fits well.

Fakes are all worth small amounts compared to the coin faked, as follows:

The last three are sinister and should be reported to authorities. The first three are worth almost zero. Legal reproductions usually sell retail for $20 to $50 US dollars.

All US gold coins are subject to counterfeiting. Here are CoinQuest pages that show genuine coins:

- One dollar Liberty
- One dollar Princess
- Three dollars
- Early bust coinage 1795 to 1807
- Capped bust coinage 1807 to 1834
- Early liberty coinage 1834 to 1839
- $2.50 1840 to 1907
- $5 and $10 1838 to 1908
- $20 1849 to 1907
- Baldwin gold
- Kellogg gold
- Pikes Peak gold
- $2.50 and $5 1908 to 1929
- $10 1907 to 1933
- $20 St. Gaudens 1907 to 1933

Always deal with reputable buyers and sellers. Never give money to someone you do not implicitly trust.

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