China (Republic) 10 and 20 Cash  1924
China (Republic) 10 and 20 Cash 1924

These are 10 and 20 cash (or wen) coins from China:

10 CASH: about 27 mm diameter
20 CASH: about 31 mm

They carry good numismatic (coin collector) value, especially the 10 cash. The 10 cash in our picture comes from Baldwin's in London. It is in such good condition it sold for a whopping $1600 US dollars during a 2008 auction. Most coins do not reach such high levels. CoinQuest thanks Baldwin's for use of their coin photo.

Very approximate catalog values run like this:

worn: $60 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $350
well preserved: $500
fully uncirculated: $1000

worn: $5 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $35
well preserved: $70
fully uncirculated: $150

Note to requester Mike Parma: These coins conform to all the parameters of your request except one, the solid dot between the four characters. Some Chinese coins have such a dot, but we do not know of one that fulfills your other criteria. If you like, use the 'Contact' button at the top of the home page to start an e-mail exchange and we will try to figure out the dot, which could add value to your coin.

Coin: 20273 , Genre: The Sinosphere
Requested by: Mike Parma, Mon, 16-Nov-2015 17:49:20 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Tue, 17-Nov-2015 14:52:58 GMT
Requester description: Chinese symbols in the center of coin in a group of four around a solid dot. The republic of china directly under that. on the other side a wreath with 2 chinese symbols between the branches and a banner of symbols above.
Tags: china republic 10 20 cash taiwan chine chinese chineese repub repbulique republik republ republican republicas republicia reipvblicae republiove republiek repvbliqve republica republique repvbblica republika rebublique repvblica republicans repvblique xcash xxcas xxcash symbols symbol center offcenter group four dot wreath 2 branches branch banner flag symbles symbal simbol symbels simble off offset certer centre centers centered groups beaded period dotted beading beads point periods dots points bead wreathed rief reif reef wreathe wreat garland wreth wreah wreaths twigs stalks spray sprig limb stick twig sprays sprigs branching stalk branched sticks colours blanket flags colors banners bannered


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