Germany (Baden) Ducat, Silver and Gold  1776
Germany (Baden) Ducat, Silver and Gold 1776

In 1776, Karl Friedrich, king of the old German State of Baden, fathered twin daughters, Katharina Amalia and Karoline Friederike Wilhelmine. You can see their likeness on these ducats. Some are gold, some are silver.

GOLD: about 3.5 grams
SILVER (with 'fein silber' inscription): about 3.9 grams

These coins are fairly rare and fairly valuable over and above their precious metal content. Very approximate catalog values run like this:

worn: $750 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $1200
well preserved: $2000
fully uncirculated: $3500

worn: $80 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $200
well preserved: $350
fully uncirculated: $600

Be sure to read our Important Terminology page to learn how catalog values work.

Coin: 20378 , Genre: Central Europe North South
Requested by: Ioan, Wed, 09-Dec-2015 20:10:29 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Fri, 11-Dec-2015 14:27:26 GMT
Requester description: 1776 two heads of children
3.86 grams silver
ribbed edge
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