Great Britain UK Pound  2010 to Date
Great Britain UK Pound 2010 to Date

That's a pretty coin produced by the Royal Mint. It is the new look for one pound coins in the UK. Nice!

If you find one of these in circulation it is worth, no surprise, one pound, or about $1.50 US dollars at current exchange rates. If the coin you find is in exquisite condition, a collector might pay a tad over face value for it. Collectors are always searching for nice-looking coins to add to their collections.

Like all modern minting operations, the Royal Mint capitalizes on their designs by selling special coins at special prices. For instance, you can buy proof silver pounds for collecting or for gifts. Minting technology is so advanced today, the special coins are so beautiful, they knock your socks off! I give them as gifts all the time.

You can buy these special coins at a discount over at Chard and, probably, other outlets that we are not familiar with. However, be warned, such special coins are almost never worth what you pay for them. This does not matter if you are giving them as gifts, but if you think you are 'investing' in rare coins like this, you are not.

Astute collectors often do not buy special coins at full retail value. They wait until the coins show up on eBay or on other secondary markets and buy them there. Under normal circumstances, they save a ton of money over the original, mint-issued retail price. This happens, I'd estimate, about 99 percent of the time. There is, however, the alluring one percent of the time when the price on the secondary market is higher than the original retail selling price. When this occurs, collectors who wait for the secondary market are sad they waited, while retail customers are happy as can be.

Coin: 20381 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: 2010 Bells a ship three spheres depicting a flag a castle and an unknown picture with Belfast written on the inside top of coin.
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