Poland 1 Zloty  1929
Poland 1 Zloty 1929

Poland minted two different 1 zloty coins in 1929. The first is a normal circulation strike which carries almost no value unless you find one in superb condition. The second is a proba, a coin minted as a trial and ultimately rejected for circulation. The probas are very valuable. Pictures of the two coins appear below.

worn: less than $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $2
well preserved: $30
fully uncirculated: $300

worn: $500 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $1000
well preserved: $3000
fully uncirculated: $4000

Hope you have the good one!

Coin: 20428 , Genre: Central Europe North South
Requested by: jeronimo, Sun, 20-Dec-2015 02:14:55 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sun, 20-Dec-2015 04:02:24 GMT
Requester description: RZECZPOSPOLITA POLSKA 1929 this side has an eagle on it
1 ZLOTY the denomination is surrounded by leaves
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