Ancient Rome (Alexandria, Egypt) Hadrian Drachm with Quadriga of Elephants  117AD to 138AD
Ancient Rome (Alexandria, Egypt) Hadrian Drachm with Quadriga of Elephants 117AD to 138AD

This large (33 mm, 27 g) coin comes from Alexandria when Hadrian was emperor of Rome. The portrait bust is laureate, draped, and cuirassed. The reverse show Hadrian driving an elephant-drawn quadriga. There are several varieties. Very, very approximately:

worn: $100 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $300
well preserved: $1000

The coin in our main picture (upper left) comes from Heritage Auctions where it sold for $230 US dollars in a 2013 auction.

A little more insight into value comes from the three pictured coins to the right. The (A) coin is in great shape, with plenty of detail, zero problems, and strong eye appeal. This is an $800 (retail) coin. The (B) coin is the Heritage piece which sold for $230. Wear and lack of detail plague the (C) coin. It is worth about $50.

Coin: 20553 , Genre: Ancient
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Requester description: 117AD Quadriga of elephants, Hadrian period
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