US Bust Dollar (Counterfeit)  1798
US Bust Dollar (Counterfeit) 1798

Years ago the only skill a coin collector really needed was the ability to grade coins accurately. Determining whether a coin was circulated or uncirculated, good, fair, or extra fine meant all the world to coin collecting. Today another skill is needed: counterfeit detection.

Requester Eddie sent us pictures of his spiffy 1798 US silver dollar -- draped bust, heraldic eagle type. Normally such coins catalog for hundreds, even thousands, of US dollars (see this page [Press Here]). But Eddie's coin is a fake. It is worth zero.

Check the image below:

There are four details a coin authenticator would quickly notice (listed in order of importance):

1 - Strike: The fake coin has mushy details throughout. Compare it to the genuine piece. Nothing on the fake coin comes close to the sharpness and high definition of the genuine coin. Mushy strike is a sure sign of fakeness.

2 - Surfaces: The overall appearance of the fake coin looks un-natural. It does not look like other coins you see in collections or in circulation. The surfaces of the fake coin look washed out, lifeless, and dull.

3 - Lettering: The inscriptions on the two coins match letter for letter. But the form of the letters are markedly different. This is readily apparent in the date, but looking closely at the other letters, all the fake ones are unevenly sized and spaced.

4 - Pattern: Probably the things that match the best between the real and fake coins are the patterns. Miss Liberty and the eagle look very similar, but close inspection reveals marked differences. When checking a coin for authenticity, pay attention to the pattern last. Much more important are the strike, surfaces, and lettering.

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Requested by: eddie, Tue, 26-Jan-2016 21:05:22 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Tue, 26-Jan-2016 23:05:33 GMT
Requester description: 1798 1798 draped bust heraldic eagle
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