Cuba 'ABC' Peso  1934 to 1939
Cuba 'ABC' Peso 1934 to 1939

This is an interesting coin. Made of 90% silver, it weighs 26.73 grams, 0.773 troy ounces actual silver weight, and has a diameter of 38mm. The obverse shows the Cuban national arms inside a wreath and the reverse shows a laureate bust along with the date.

This coin is often referred to as the 'ABC' peso, which sounds pleasant enough - but the reasons for this name involve a turbulent part of Cuban history. The ABC was a revolutionary (and sometimes violent) underground group that existed in Cuba in the 1930s, and their name relates to the different cells within the organization: A, B, and C.

At the time this peso coin was designed and minted, a man named Saenz was the Secretary of the Treasury. He was also a member of the ABC. When the coin came out Saenz suggested that it be called the 'ABC peso,' and the title still lasts to this day.

These coins are very collectable and have retained a solid market value over the years. Here is a breakdown of approximate catalog values for this series, starting with the most valuable date:

1937 Cuba peso (not likely to be found in low grades):

Worn: $85 (U.S. dollars)
Average circulated: $250
Well preserved: $400
Fully Uncirculated: $1100

All other ABC pesos 1934-1939:

Worn: $33 (U.S. dollars)
Average circulated: $40
Well preserved: $45
Fully uncirculated: $140

Please keep in mind that these are catalog values, which often differ from actual buy and sell values. For more information on catalog values, check out our Terminology page.

Coin: 20613 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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Requester description: front has 1 peso and coat of arms of cuba
back has date and portrait of a woman-looks like the french one on the aluminum franc coins
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