Hungary Ducat (Fakes are possible)  1731 to 1740
Hungary Ducat (Fakes are possible) 1731 to 1740

These gold ducats from Hungary are beautiful coins. The coins in this series, 1731 to 1740, contain 0.111 troy ounces of gold, giving them a base value (BV) of $128 US dollars at today's gold market.

Figure the current BV by multiplying the current gold 'spot' value by 0.111. For instance, if gold were at $1300 US dollars per troy ounce, the BV of this ducat would be 0.111 x 1300 = $144.

Collectors will pay more than BV when a ducat is in good numismatic (coin collector) condition. Here are rough values:

worn: BV
average circulated: BV + $25 US dollars
well preserved: BV + $100
fully uncirculated: BV + $350

Unfortunately, requester Moe's coin is a fake, worth zero. The second picture shows Moe's coin and it is clearly different than the genuine coin shown in our main picture at upper left.

Coin: 20647 , Genre: Central Europe North South
Requested by: moe, Tue, 02-Feb-2016 22:41:38 GMT
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Requester description: 1886 1739 QUEEN WITH BABY?
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