Token: Germany Glückspfennig (Lucky Penny)
Token: Germany Glückspfennig (Lucky Penny)

The idea of keeping a coin as a lucky token seems almost as old as the invention of coins themselves. Throughout 20th century Germany, many companies gave out these 'Glückspfennige' (i.e. 'lucky pennies') as regular German 1 pfennig coins inside a cardboard or metal piece with the company name on them. Now that Germany uses the euro, it seems that instead of using 1 euro cent coins as 'lucky cents', companies are having their own tokens made, imitating the design of the now-obsolete old 1 pfennig coins on one side, and with a company name on the other.

Regarding this specific token, there is a German leatherware manufacturer with the name Becker. They also name wallets and - you guessed it - each wallet comes with one of these lucky tokens in the coin department! To confirm this I found a Twitter status that, translated from Dutch, reads: 'If you buy a Becker purse, it contains a Glückspfennig by default. Nice gesture.'

As a modern token it is essentially worth zero. With that being said, Kaleto's specimen is extraordinarily attractive and might sell to the right collector for a few US dollars.

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Requested by: Kaleto, Wed, 03-Feb-2016 16:53:17 GMT
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Requester description: 4 leaf clover 1 glückspfennig

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