Luxembourg Sols  1775 to 1795
Luxembourg Sols 1775 to 1795

Luxemburg issued a few coins with the sol denomination in the latter part of the 18th century. Several of these bear a crown/shield/lion design on one face and the denomination and date on the other, as shown here. These coins are all quite rare, and they all command values of 100s of US dollars if they are in well preserved condition. The coin in the picture in is average circulated condition with a value around $50. In heavily worn condition, the values go down toward the $20 mark.

The smaller 1/8 sol coins are worth even less. They catalog at $5 when heavily worn, up to about $100 when well preserved.

The 1790H 3 sol coin is also a bit more common, with catalog values ranging from $15 in worn condition up to $125 when well preserved.

Some valuable coins are the 1786 and the 1789 6 sols ('VI SOLS'). They catalog at $80 even when worn, $700 when average circulated, and above $1500 when well preserved!

The denominations are:

1/8 Sol
1 Sol
3 Sols
6 Sols

and they all carry values outlined above. Most of these coins were issued in billon metal (a crude alloy of silver) and copper. A few 6 sols coins were minted in 65 percent pure silver, and these are worth $100 in worn condition, and much more if well preserved (see above). The 6 sols coin with an H mint mark beneath the date is common, and worth about $50 in average circulated condition.

These values are catalog values. You should review what this means by going to our Terminology page.

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