Germany Brunswick Luneburg Calenburg Hannover 4 Pfennig  1762 to 1804
Germany Brunswick Luneburg Calenburg Hannover 4 Pfennig 1762 to 1804

These are interesting little coins. They are made of billon, which is an alloy containing a little bit of silver and a lot of base metal, such as copper. They come from a region in the upper-central part of Germany that had been issuing coins since around the year 1175. These 4 pfennig coins show the date and value on the reverse. The obverse shows a crowned GR monogram with the mintmaster's initials underneath (for example, our requester Buster noted that there was an 'IWS' on his coin; these letters refer to mintmaster Johann Wilhelm Schlemm).

Here is a breakdown of approximate catalog values for these coins:

Worn: $13 (U.S. dollars)
Average circulated: $25
Well preserved: $50
Fully uncirculated: $100

Please keep in mind that these are catalog values, which are often different from actual buy and sell prices. For more information on catalog values check out our Terminology page.

Coin: 20666 , Genre: Central Europe North South
Requested by: buster, Tue, 09-Feb-2016 19:37:52 GMT
Answered by: Todd, Tue, 09-Feb-2016 20:43:23 GMT
Requester description: 1762 IIII PFENN 1762
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