Token ~ Jeton: Canada British Columbia Gold 50 Cents  1912 to 1924
Token ~ Jeton: Canada British Columbia Gold 50 Cents 1912 to 1924

These are actually pieces of gold jewelry, but they are often treated as coins, with numismatic attributes such as grade, eye appeal, and jewelry damage.

Most examples sell retail for about $100 US dollars. A coin dealer would probably pay $70 for the 'normal' examples.

Once in a while you see these with exceptionally high numismatic grade, such as MS66 or MS67. In these cases the retail value soars up to $400 or $500. A coin dealer would probably pay $250 to $350 for one of these exceptional pieces.

Coin: 20678 , Genre: Tokens
Requested by: Stacy, Wed, 10-Feb-2016 22:35:14 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Thu, 11-Feb-2016 22:25:56 GMT
Requester description: 1919 Indian Head, bust left with 6 stars on obverse, shield on reverse
To view: NGC #3098624-009 MS-66

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