El Salvador 1 Colon  1984 to 1999
El Salvador 1 Colon 1984 to 1999

In El Salvador, colon coins were named in honor of Christopher Columbus, whose name in Spanish is recognized as Cristobal Colon. These particular colon coins were only minted for a short time.

The obverse shows the head of Columbus facing left, and the reverse shows the denomination within a wreath. There are slight variations in size, design and composition of these coins, but all are made of base metal and have very little value.

In circulated condition these coins have catalog values of less than $1 (U.S. dollar).

In fully uncirculated condition the approximate catalog value for all dates is $1.

A collector might pay a few dollars for a fully uncirculated one if they are looking to fill a spot in their collection.

Coin: 20681 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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k 1 colon
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