Medal: US Gold of El Dorado (El Museo Del Oro)
Medal: US Gold of El Dorado (El Museo Del Oro)

The Franklin Mint is a private US mint which produces all sorts of coins, medals, and other artistic pieces in precious metal. The mint is famous for the high-quality artistry of its products. The medals here are from a significant set of silver medals called The Gold of El Dorado series. These medals are made of one ounce of sterling silver and plated with 24 karat gold.

These medals are worth their weight in silver, plus a small premium due to the quality and artistry of the pieces.

The base value (BV) of each medal is found by multiplying the current price of silver by 0.925, which is the purity of sterling silver. At, say, silver selling at $20 US dollars per troy ounce, the BV of each medal is 0.925 x 20 = $18.50. There is virtually no gold in each piece, so it does not count toward BV.

Each medal is worth, approximately:

circulated: BV
fully uncirculated: BV + $10

When computing BV (see above), be sure to use the current value of silver. It changes every day. See

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Requested by: Jimmy Red, Mon, 15-Feb-2016 00:33:11 GMT
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Requester description: Sorry I realised after that u only appraise one coin at a time so I will try with just this one. It is silver tone on one side & gold tone on the reverse, the side with letters has a design similar to the reverse sides design which looks like an Aztec or Incan depiction of the sun. None El Museo Del Oro Orejera-Masticador De Coca
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