Token: Belgium Tournai (TechNord)
Token: Belgium Tournai (TechNord)

Tournai is a once-French village in Belgium, and their coat-of-arms is a single tower, much like the one displayed on the obverse of Charles' token. The cross on the reverse terminates in letters on each arm, and as such seems to form a monogram. These can be puzzling to read, but I see two C's to the right, a combined T-E at the bottom, a H to the left, and an X at the top.

So far Charles' item has us stumped. When this happens (it happens a lot!), we defer to the tremendous group of numismatists at World of Coins. We have posted Charles' token there. Watch this link:

- World of Coins: Lowlands, Tournai

BTW, the company 'TechNord' has a hollow diamond for a logo, just like the one displayed in the center, and has its headquarters in Tournai. What an energy company would need a token for, I don't know. It doesn't make for very good advertisement, being so cryptic. Alternatively, the token might be a souvenir from the Notre Dame de Tournai or 'Tournai Cathedral', which is a World Heritage Site and a tourist destination.

If anybody has any information about this token, please leave us a comment using the button found at the bottom right on this page!

Coin: 20745 , Genre: Tokens
Requested by:, Fri, 26-Feb-2016 01:09:03 GMT
Answered by: Chris, Fri, 26-Feb-2016 05:34:31 GMT
Requester description: Castle-like tower with two windows and one door
Cross (possibly celtic) on reverse
No year or country
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