Ancient Rome Plancus Denarius with Medusa and Aurora  47BC
Ancient Rome Plancus Denarius with Medusa and Aurora 47BC

The amazing example in our main picture (to the left) sold for $1400 US dollars during a 2014 auction by Goldberg Coins in Beverly Hills, USA. The Goldberg coin is in wonderful condition and center struck. CoinQuest thanks the Goldbergs for use of their coin photo.

The coin was issued under the moneyer Lucius Plautius Plancus to commemorate Julius Caesar's military victories of 48 and 47 BC. The obverse shows Medusa with dishevelled hair and flanked by coiled serpents. The reverse has Aurora (or Victory), draped and winged, flying right holding reins of four rearing horses of the sun. The legend LPLAVTIVS is 'Lucius Plautius.'

Approximate catalog values run like this:

worn: $100 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $480
well preserved: $900

Consider the three coins to the right. The (A) coin is significantly worn, the (B) coin, which comes from our requester Jed, has better detail than the (A) coin, but much less detail than the (C) coin. Here are the prices:

(A) coin: $100 in a 2013 auction
(C) coin: $1200 in a 2015 auction

All in all, we would say Jed's (B) coin should sell for $300 to $400 retail.

Coin: 20753 , Genre: Ancient
Requested by: Jed Snats, Sun, 28-Feb-2016 01:21:03 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Sun, 28-Feb-2016 13:50:54 GMT
Requester description: Medusa and horses, angel, and fire
Tags: ancient rome plancus denarius medusa aurora romana roman romanorum romen romanorvm roma plancvs horses horse angel fire mountie mounted mount equestrian rider pony horsehead riding horseman ride horseback equestres stallion cherubs angels cherub angelic god goddess gods deus deum dei diety deity godess devm deo dom divine dios


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