Medal: US Pope Visit  1993
Medal: US Pope Visit 1993

The first order of business in determining value of modern medals like this one is to identify the metallic composition. There are usually three choices: (1) gold, (2) silver, or (3) bronze. If you are not sure, a jeweler can help.

The medal pictured contains one troy ounce of silver. Requester's Kurren's piece is probably bronze, or it could be gold-plated silver. It is very likely not solid gold. The fact that Kurren's medal has a different reverse pattern than that shown makes no difference to value.

To find the base value (BV) of the medal, multiply the precious metal content by the current price of the precious metal. For bronze medals, the BV is zero. For a one ounce silver medal, the BV today is $14.75, but tomorrow it will be different, so look it up at

Once you have BV, it might be appropriate to add a premium, depending on the subject matter of the medal. Pope John Paul is very well beloved, so the premium might be:

worn: value is BV
circulated: value is BV
fully uncircualated: values is BV + $10 US dollars

Coin: 20764 , Genre: Medals
Requested by: Kurren, Tue, 01-Mar-2016 19:23:39 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Wed, 02-Mar-2016 03:50:43 GMT
Requester description: 1993 Has Pope Jaul Paul II on front, with one hand out and the other appearing to be holding a long cross with Christ being held from the end. He's wearing a large hat and turning to my left. On the back is a large cross with a dove, a ship, a fish-life symbol, and a hand with two fingers out pointing down.
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