Token: US Parry Manufacturing Company Buggies Surreys  1896
Token: US Parry Manufacturing Company Buggies Surreys 1896

The Parry Manufacturing Co., which was started by two brothers, began selling buggies in 1882. After a factory fire a few years later, the company moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, where it thrived for a few decades as a leading carriage factory. The company later went on to produce automobiles.

This token was created around the turn of the 20th century as an advertisement piece. The general consensus seems to be that it was created in 1896, but we know from records that it at least came from the period between 1886 (when they moved to Indianapolis) and 1907.

It is made of copper and has a diameter of approximately 29mm. While these tokens are an interesting little piece of history, they are not particularly valuable and problem-free examples are currently selling for around $10 (U.S. dollars) in well-preserved condition.

The image in our main picture (upper left) comes from Charles Calkins, an accomplished numismatist well known on the Internet for his depth knowledge and his coin imaging skills. Thanks, Charles!

Our requester, Tracy, has one with nice details but some obvious surface issues. The approximate value of her token is $5, or half the value of a problem-free example.

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Requested by: Tracy nelson, Tue, 01-Mar-2016 20:49:36 GMT
Answered by: Todd, Wed, 02-Mar-2016 14:30:44 GMT
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