Tonga 5 and 10 Seniti  1967
Tonga 5 and 10 Seniti 1967

These copper-nickel coins were struck during the reign of T?ufa?ahau Tupou IV of Tonga, though with the name and portrait of his mother, S?lote Tupou III, who had died just over a year before these coins were struck. They were only issued for a single year, and can be somewhat treated as commemorative issues mourning the death of Tonga's queen mother.

The 5 and 10 seniti coins are almost identical, though the 10 seniti coins are larger and, of course, bear the numeral '10' instead of '5'. Though only 300,000 were struck of each denomination, many of these modern coins are already in the hands of the collectors who are interested in them. There is a very small demand for non-precious, modern circulation coinage.

The catalogs give values of less than $1 US dollar for these coins, unless they are in fully uncirculated condition, where the value rises to a mere $2. A look at auction results confirms that collectors sometimes pay a dollar or two for appealing specimens.

Coin: 20869 , Genre: Modern-only
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