Samoa 10 Sene  1967
Samoa 10 Sene 1967

The portrait on these somewhat obscure coins was designed by Thomas Humphrey Paget, whose best known work has to be his portrait of George VI, which embellished British coinage from 1937 until 1952, on farthings, pennies and sixpence alike!

Though produced in the comparably low amount of just 400,000 coins, the catalogs report very low values for these copper nickel issues. Even uncirculated coins are reported with a value of less than $1 US dollar. In reality, auction results show us that collectors sometimes buy attractive examples of these coins for one or two dollars.

As a one-year type with a design not used on any other denomination of Samoa, this could be a coin that will rise in value over the years. Just don't expect to profit next week if you're keeping these around!

Coin: 20870 , Genre: Modern-only
Requested by: Errol, Wed, 23-Mar-2016 20:12:58 GMT
Answered by: Chris, Thu, 24-Mar-2016 07:23:30 GMT
Requester description: 1967 Male head

Cross above shield (4 stars & palm tree) within wreathe
Tags: samoa 10 sene male man head cross shield 4 stars star palm tree wreathe wreath mens mans arms sheild coats shiled crests chevrons shild escucheon insignia arm coat crested crest chevron creast shields escutcheon starrs palmetto fronds palms frond wreathed rief reif reef wreat garland wreth wreah wreaths circle ring circled encircle circlet circles loops circal encircled circuit ringed circumscibed incircled circel circumference encircles encircling rings circling loop circular circumscribed


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