Token: India Laxmi - Ganesh (Lakshmi - Ganesha) Good Luck Gift
Token: India Laxmi - Ganesh (Lakshmi - Ganesha) Good Luck Gift

These tokens display side-by-side portraits of Hindu Laxmi (or Lakshmi), goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity, and Ganesh (or Ganesha), remover of obstacles, with other attributes befitting a god. The tokens almost always display a swastika, symbol of good luck.

As to value, these tokens are often given as gifts during the Hindu festival of Diwali, celebrating victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. As with most gifts, you can find very modest renditions and very expensive ones as well. Gifts, also, carry sentimental value which is basically impossible to quantify.

Generally, tokens made out of base metal catalog like this:

worn: $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $3
well preserved: $10
fully uncirculated: $25

Silver tokens are worth their weight in precious metal. It usually takes a jeweler to analyze silver content, which varies with size, weight, and purity.

Coin: 20890 , Genre: Tokens
Requested by: Neesonics, Sun, 27-Mar-2016 14:49:56 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Mon, 28-Mar-2016 22:37:11 GMT
Requester description: Side A: Looks like 2 Hindu gods with dots all the way around the circular bronze coin. The image suggests that the 2 figures are sitting on 'water'. On the other side is a 'tailed' swastika. The ends of the swastika show 3 leaves each. There are 4 tiny swastikas at the 'North, South, East and West areas of the large swastika
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