Great Britain 5 Pounds Golden Anniversary  1997
Great Britain 5 Pounds Golden Anniversary 1997

These large, nice-looking coins were minted in celebration of the Queen's 50th wedding anniversary. They come in various metals:

Copper-nickel - no precious metal content
Silver - 0.841 troy ounces silver
Gold - 1.1775 troy ounces gold

The gold and silver versions are made in proof, with mirrored finishes and frosty devices, like our picture. Proofs are made for collectors only.

Here are some approximate values based on recent eBay auctions of these coins. This is known as the 'secondary market' where collectors buy coins from dealers and other collectors. The 'primary market' of coins purchased directly from the Royal Mint is usually higher.

circulated: face value, 5 pounds in the UK
fully uncirculated: $12 US dollars approximate retail value

untarnished proof in original packaging: $32

untarnished proof in original packaging: BV + $100

where BV is the base value of the gold coin, or the value due to gold content. If, for instance, gold is selling at $1200 per troy ounce, BV = 1.1775 x 1200 = $1413.

Coin: 20920 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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