Token ~ Jeton: US Silver Issue 2 Gr (1776 Bicentennial)
Token ~ Jeton: US Silver Issue 2 Gr (1776 Bicentennial)

These were produced during the 1976 US Bicenntennial, and were often mounted in nice looking bevels or pendants and sold a souvenirs. There is only one side of this thin item, and the pattern from the front shows on the back in reverse image.

The piece itself contains 2 grams of pure silver. There are 31.1 grams in a troy ounce, so 2 grams is 0.064 troy ounces. At, for instance, a silver price of $15 US dollars per troy ounce, the silver value is 0.064 x 15 = 96 US cents. Look up the current value of silver at

If you were to sell your token to a coin dealer or novelty shop, you would probably receive only the silver value. But there is some collector demand for Bicentennial pieces, so, approximately:

worn: silver value only
average circulated: silver value + $2
well preserved: silver + $3
fully uncirculated: silver + $8

Appealing pendants which contain this piece usually are worth somewhat more than the prices above.

Coin: 21010 , Genre: Tokens
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