Austria Gold 20 and 100 Kronen  1923 and 1924
Austria Gold 20 and 100 Kronen 1923 and 1924

Wow, Kazuo, what a beautiful coin. It is very valuable. On this page we first address general values of these coins and then the value of your specific coin.

These gold coins were issued by Austria only during 1923 and 1924.

20 KRONEN: 0.1960 troy ounces gold
100 KRONEN: 0.9802 troy ounces gold

To compute value, first compute the Base Value (BV) due to gold content alone. Get the current value of gold ($1240 US dollars per troy ounce at this writing, see, the price changes every day) and multiply by the gold content. For instance, at the $1240 price:

20 KRONEN BV = 0.1960 x 1240 = $243 US dollars
100 KRONEN BV = 0.9802 x 1240 = $1215 US dollars

Approximate catalog values are:

worn: BV + $100 approximate catalog value
average circulated: BV + $500
well preserved: BV + $1000
fully uncirculated: BV + $2000

worn: BV + $200 approximate catalog value
average circulated: BV + $1000
well preserved: BV + $2000
fully uncirculated: BV + $4000

These are approximate catalog values and must be modified to obtain actual buy and sell values. See our Important Terminology page for interpreting catalog values.

The picture, below, sent to us by Kazuo, shows the coin has been well cared-for. This is good, because careful handling preserves the value of collectible coins.


The clear plastic envelope used to store Kazuo's coin appears in the compartment to the right. Note the envelope's annotation includes 'P/L' and 'EF+'. The P/L means the coin is proof-like. We agree with this assessment. Proof coins are produced by mints with special mirrored finishes for collectors. This is not a proof coin, but the surfaces have mirror qualities and this makes the coin proof-like. P/L coins are usually more valuable than normal coins. Further, EF+ means 'better than extra fine.' We agree with this assessment also. EF is a measure of the amount of circulation a coin has been through, i.e., the amount of wear on the coin. This coin has not seen much wear. EF is conservative.

Without much wear, and with the pleasing mirrored P/L surfaces, this coin would probably sell retail to a collector for $4000 US dollars or more. If Kazuo wanted to sell this coin to a coin dealer, the dealer would probably pay about $3000 or so.

Since it is a valuable coin, Kazuo would probably do best by consigning the coin to a big-time professional auction house. These top-end auctions always bring excellent selling prices and commissions are very reasonable. Write to CoinQuest and get our list of 'Big Time Coin Dealers' for our recommendations.

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