Fiji Dollar  1969 to 1976
Fiji Dollar 1969 to 1976

Compare the coin in our primary picture, upper left, to the one in our secondary picture, lower right. The primary coin would sell to a collector for about $8 US dollars. The secondary coin might bring $2.

The primary coin has mint luster, a frosty, creamy appearance that appears on coins immediately after minting. Microscopic metal flow lines radiating outward from the center of the coin cause the lustrous effect. With just a little handling, the microscopic lines vanish and the value of the coin plummets.

worn: face value, one dollar in Fiji
average circulated: face value
well preserved: face value
fully uncirculated, with full mint luster: $10 US dollars approximate catalog value

Coin: 21250 , Genre: Colonizers and Colonies
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one dollar Elizabeth11 Fiji1969
FIJI commemorative dollar decimal currency january13,1969
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