Token: Germany Battle of Leipzig  1813
Token: Germany Battle of Leipzig 1813

The Battle of Leipzig was fought from 16 to 19 October 1813, at Leipzig, Saxony, Germany. The coalition armies of Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Sweden, led by Alexander I of Russia and defeated the French army of Napoleon I, Emperor. The battle involved nearly 600,000 soldiers, making it the largest battle in Europe prior to World War I. Napoleon was compelled to return to France and was ultimately forced into exile in 1814.

This is a large, silver-coated brass jeton (or token), and is highly collectible today. Here are approximate catalog values:

worn: $30 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $90
well preserved: $150

The jeton in our picture comes from SINCONA in Switzerland where it sold for 80 Swiss francs (about $80 USD) during a 2011 auction. CoinQuest thanks SINCONA for use of their photo.

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