Token ~ Jeton: Germany Adolph Hitler  1943
Token ~ Jeton: Germany Adolph Hitler 1943

This is a fantasy piece. 'Fantasy' is a polite word for 'fake' or 'counterfeit.' It is clearly supposed to be from Hitler's Third Reich, but what Nazi would spell Hitler's name wrong? It's Adolf, not the anglicized Adolph.

The piece is dated 1943, but the true date is probably much later. The piece has been tarnished to look old.

We have seen a few minor variations of this token, with somewhat different leaves and inscription fonts. There is even, as far as we know, a silver version.

These sell as collectibles roughly as follows:

worn: $2 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $4
well preserved: $8

A dealer might pay $1 for this 'fantasy' piece.

Coin: 21339 , Genre: Tokens
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