US Seated Dollar Probable Fake (Counterfeit)  1852
US Seated Dollar Probable Fake (Counterfeit) 1852

Hello Maria --

It would be WONDERFUL if you have a genuine 1852 US seated Liberty dollar coin. These coins are worth tens of thousands of US dollars. You have accurately described this coin when you filled out the CoinQuest questionnaire.

Unfortunately, with the advent of the modern era in China and other places around the globe, thousands of fake seated dollars have been manufactured and sold in the US and elsewhere. These counterfeit coins are worth zero.

Maria sent us the picture of her coin that shows here. It looks very compelling and could well be a genuine coin. The pattern of Miss Liberty and the Bald Eagle are about as close to perfect as you can see with the naked eye. This is not an obvious fake, if it is a fake at all.

There are two features of Maria's coin which make me think it is not genuine. The even brown color looks 'too even' to be real. Instead the wear and the color could have been applied artificially. Further, the side-by-side comparison of the date looks very unfavorable.

To be certain, Maria, you must send your coin to PCGS, a highly trusted certifier of rare and valuable coins. Look for them on the net. If PCGS says it's genuine, it's genuine, and you will have yourself a gold mine in rare coins. Hope so! But I seriously doubt it.

Coin: 2134 , Genre: United States
Requested by: Maria, Fri, 04-Dec-2009 22:53:25 GMT
Answered by: Paul, Fri, 11-Oct-2013 01:20:05 GMT
Last review by CoinQuest: Tue, 24-Feb-2015 14:34:38 GMT
Requester description: 1852 It is a 1952 silver coin. It has lady liberty sitting down and there are 13 stars around top half.There is an eagle with a shield in the back and it has the words united states of america and one dol.. The color of the coin is dark brown.
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