China Jia Qing Tong Bao  1796 to 1820
China Jia Qing Tong Bao 1796 to 1820

This is a cast Chinese 'cash' coin from Emperor Ren Zong (1796 to 1820), or Jia Qing of the Qing dynasty.

The value of a particular piece depends on which piece you have. Refer to the three coins to the right.

The (A) coin is a modern reproduction used as a good luck charm. Coins like this sell for less than $1 US dollar.

The (B) coin is an original piece from the Qing dynasty, and the value of such an item varies with condition:

worn: $1 US dollar approximate catalog value
average circulated: $3
well preserved: $8

The (B) coin shown is in average circulated condition.

Finally, the (C) coin is special. It is a 'palace coin' produced for the emperor on special occasions. Palace coins are very rare and very valuable. This one sold for $1800 US dollar during a 2015 auction by Heritage Auctions. CoinQuest thanks Heritage for use of their coin photo.

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