Medal: Israel Theodor Herzl with 12 Tribes  1960
Medal: Israel Theodor Herzl with 12 Tribes 1960

Theodor Herzl was an Austro-Hungarian journalist, playwright, political activist, and writer. He was one of the fathers of modern political Zionism. He appears on many Israeli coins and medals. This privately minted gold medal commemorates Herzl and was minted in 1960. It has a diameter of about 36 mm and weighs about 16 grams. The gold is 0.900 fine.

HERZL MEDAL WITH 12 TRIBES: 0.463 troy ounces gold

When in pristine condition, this medal sells for a premium over its base value (BV). To compute BV, multiply the current price of gold by the medal's gold content. For instance, if gold is trading at $1200 US dollars per troy ounce (look it up, it changes every day, at web sites such as, the BV is 0.463 x 1200 = $555.

If you are buying a pristine example of this medal, expect to pay about 15 percent over BV. If you are selling one to a dealer, expect to be paid about 15 percent under BV.

The picture shows a pristine medal from Goldberg Coins. CoinQuest thanks the Goldbergs for use of their photo.

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Requester description: Head of Herzl on one side, and the symbols of the 12 tribes of Israel on the other side.
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