Ancient Rome Judaea Shekel and Half Shekel of the Jewish Revolt (Fakes are possible)  66AD to 70AD
Ancient Rome Judaea Shekel and Half Shekel of the Jewish Revolt (Fakes are possible) 66AD to 70AD

These are silver coins from ancient Judaea from the time of the Jewish war against Rome (AD 66-70).

SHEKEL: about 14 grams, about 22 mm diameter
HALF SHEKEL: about 7 grams, about 16 mm diameter

The inscriptions are in Hebrew: Jerusalem the holy, Year 2 through 5. Genuine coins are very valuable. Fakes abound.

To be valuable, coins must be guaranteed authentic. The example in our main picture (upper left) is worth thousands of US dollars. The novelty gift piece in our picture to the right is worth about $10.

As with all ancient coins, these interesting pieces stand on their own merits. Well centered, well preserved coins are worth more than those with partial inscriptions and worn or damaged features. Very roughly

worn: $500 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $2000
well preserved: $5000

Coin: 21513 , Genre: Ancient
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