India (Mysore) 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 and 2 Paisa  1782 to 1799
India (Mysore) 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 and 2 Paisa 1782 to 1799

Tipu Sultan ruled the Kingdom of Mysore, one of the old constituents of modern-day India, from 1782 until 1799. He reformed the coinage system and introduced a new standardized 'paisa' denomination in copper of a bit over 10 grams. With the paisa as the base, there were smaller denominations, as listed below with average weights:

1 PAISA: ~11-12 grams
1/2 PAISA: ~5.5 grams
1/4 PAISA: ~2.7 grams
1/8 PAISA: ~1.3 grams

It's clear from the very regular scheme of denomination-to-weight that the coinage reform was quite successful. The elephant would continue to be featured on Mysore's coinage even after Tipu Sultan's reign ended. (See this page for Mysore 10 and 20 cash with an elephant dated 1810 to 1833.)

Some coins have different varieties. These will be listed under each denomination.

worn: $20 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $75
well preserved: $300? (extrapolated value, no specimens found)
The eighth paisa (also called a 'Qutb') comes only in one variety.

worn: $50
average circulated: $90
well preserved: $140
The quarter paisa comes in three varieties, all of similar value. One type is quite flat, with a double circle around the elephant and a date. Known dates for this type are AH1215, 1216, 1217 and 1225. Another type is a bit chunky, with the word 'Patan' on the reverse (a mint mark) and a a double circle containing a beaded circle enclosing the elephant. The third type is very chunky, has the circles around the elephant, but no date and no mint mark, just the name 'Tipu Sultan' on the reverse. To reiterate: all three types are of similar value.

worn: $30
average circulated: $45
well preserved: $60
The half paisa comes only in one variety. The elephant-side is very clean with no words, dates or mint marks.

1 PAISA...
There are three varieties for the paisa. Two of the varieties do not have a date, and are of similar value. The third variety carries a retrograde (i.e. mirrored) date above the elephant. The dated type also has a different reverse inscription.

worn: $20
average circulated: $40
well preserved: $60

worn: $35
average circulated: $65
well preserved: $90

All the values on this page are approximate catalog values. Please see our Important Terminology page to properly understand how to translate into actual buy- and sell values. Also note that any coin with damage (e.g. holes, corrosion, gouges etc.) will be worth close to zero.

Coin: 21525 , Genre: Islamic Hindu Buddhist
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