Token ~ Jeton: US (Hawaii) Hapaha Crown (King Kalakaua, Princess Kaiulani)  1987 to Date
Token ~ Jeton: US (Hawaii) Hapaha Crown (King Kalakaua, Princess Kaiulani) 1987 to Date

The Royal Hawaiian Mint produces some really nice stuff. They have dozens and dozens of beautiful collectible medals and tokens, most of them made of pure gold or pure silver.

This is a hapaha crown. 'Hapaha' means one-quarter. There are two (perhaps more) varieties that have a picture of a crown on the back, as shown in our picture:

King Kalakaua
Princess Kaiulani

People who love Hawaii will pay premium values for these collectibles. But, if you go to sell one of these items to a cold-hearted coin dealer, he or she will only pay bullion value or a little less.

To find the value of your Kalakaua or Kaiulani hapaha crown, look up the current value of gold on web sites like and take one quarter of it. Say, for instance, that gold is trading today at $1300 US dollars per troy ounce. One quarter ounce is therefore worth 1300/4 = $325. That's the value, approximately, of a hapaha crown. A collector would probably pay more for one, and a dealer would probably give you less.

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