Malta Grano with Maltese Cross  1703 to 1780
Malta Grano with Maltese Cross 1703 to 1780

Malta is a small Mediterranean island south of Sicily. Many of their coins bear a Maltese cross. The Maltese cross is the cross symbol associated with the Order of St. John since the middle ages, shared with the traditional Knights Hospitaller and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, and by extension, with the island of Malta.

These coins bear the Maltese cross on the front, and various patterns on the back. The date appears in the corners of the cross.

1703 to 1720: paschal lamb (representing Jesus of the Bible)
1726 to 1739: arms of Vihena with wings and sword
1743 to 1773: five crescents (shown in our picture)
1776 to 1780: six circles

These different patterns all carry about the same value. It is condition, not date or pattern, that has the biggest influence on value. The coin in our picture comes from Westfalische Auktions gesellschaft in Arnsberg, Germany, where it sold for 80 euros (about $90 US dollars) during a 2015 auction.


worn: $20 US dollars approximate catalog value
average circulated: $50
well preserved: $120

These are catalog values. Refer to our Important Terminology page to understand how catalog values work. Actual buy and sell values are usually lower than catalog values.

Coin: 21571 , Genre: Central Europe North South
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